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Agnes Hoskins(Sister of Sam Cooke): When Vel sang a "Change Is Going To Come", he sent chills down my spine."

SALI6751:This song ("How Can I Make You Mine") is flying off the charts in UK AWESOME VALENTINE DAY SONG! Great job, Vel!

eJams TV: Wow Vel, This is the kind of music I love to hear when I'm cruisin down the highways.

Soulstar1964: Absolutety love this song (If I Should Get To Heaven) and your voice. So close to my dads tone. Great job Vel. Meaningful lyrics to a wonderful song. ~ Carla Cooke (Daughter of Sam Cooke)

Catherine Mcmullen: The Power Of Your Love! Wow, this is my favorite song by Vel OMARR! I fell in love with this song the minute I heard it, and the more I hear it the better it gets. This is my waking up song and my going to bed song, bottom line this is a daily listen for me. So all I can say is I love it, love it, love it. Keep on Singing Vel and giving us this kind of music we need and miss so much. I give it a 100!

HisDooWopAngel: This Man has true talent... There isn't a song he can't sing.. He has such soul and everything he does he does with class, style and grace. As far as http://rememberthenradio.com is concerned Vel Omarr is the real deal. An artist that will endure...

Odessa Jackson: This is a fantastic song!(Trouble Blues) I love it! One I could listen to over and over!

Peter Levy: When it comes to reading a song the way it should be … Vel is the man!

Joel Kellum: I know this is blasphemous… but I think your versions of Sam’s are a notch better! Wow, what a voice and range!

Cal I: You sound just like Sam! I swear this lets the cat out of the bag. Sam isn’t dead. You are Sam!

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